When I first deconverted/became atheist, I removed every veggie tales video, kids bible storybook, etc. from the house. For Easter last week (which my son and I celebrated by going to the swimming pool all day long) my mom dropped by with a basket of some plastic eggs and a Veggie Tales video. It's "King George & the Ducky" which is based off the story of David & Bathsheba sanitized and made cute. My son remembers Bob & Larry from my own Christian days and he loves the show. He's watched the video a couple of times now.

After a lot of nail biting, I think I'm just going to not comment. He also loves Dora, Winnie the Pooh, Little Einsteins, etc. If I don't present Veggie Tales as any different, he probably won't believe it anymore, right? Or if I should comment, what do I say? My son is 3. I "got saved" at his age. I don't want that happening to him, but I don't want to be over protecting him from religious influences (like I was protected from secular ones).

How do you handle issues like this?

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Funny you should mention that... "Exodus from Zion" is in the writing/editing phases now :) Once I get a publisher, I'll shamelessly post it all over A/N and get all my friends to buy copies. Excerpts show up in my blog here fairly often, so be sure to check there and at http://angietheantitheist.blogspot.com
Don't sweat it. You neither could nor should exclude all religious ideas from your child's life. Most important of all, you don't want to look like you're afraid of it. That lends it a power it doesn't deserve.

Religion does not have the magical ability to hypnotize and seduce our kids UNLESS it is presented in splendid isolation from other voices. If a child is receiving a variety of ideas and is urged to think for him/herself, this one thread will not have any special power. In fact, it becomes part of a broad-based religious literacy.
Great comment Dale. I'm gonna use it as a daily quote for Life Without Faith.
I'm a fairly recent deconvert and I still occasionally have knee jerk reactions to religious stuff where my kids are concerned. I've read both of Dale McGownan's books and went to his seminar in January and now I don't sweat it so much. We haven't outed to my in laws and they gave us about 10 animated Book of Mormon DVDs. I let the kids watch them for the reason that Dale mentioned in his response above. I think my kids need to know about the beliefs held by their family and I they need to understand religious references in literature and art.
Ah, unless. Since that's the only way I experienced things, my desire to do a 180 was reasonable, but possibly overkill. :)




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