to make you smile?

Have you ever had a childless person express how it seems like parents are always miserable? It's true, much of parenting makes it seem like it's not worth the bother. I hope you'll join me in remembering the things about parenting that make us smile.

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I've been struggling with this fighting thing my boys do. But today we had a great morning at the wading pool. My smile today was for the way they shared their toys with anyone who asked. They were very friendly and caring with the littlest kids at the pool. When it was time to go neither one of them gave a word of complaint which is very rare. I even had two other moms tell me directly how wonderful my boys were (blush) and they are right, they really are great kids.
It's all in the process. I swear you'll look back on some of your worst days and laugh! And you'll never want to trade them for anything - ever.
I probably should post this in your "fighting" thread, but my kids went through a rather difficult fighting and bickering phase which just had to coincide with a "clothing optional" phase: the ultimate outcome; two naked kids chasing each other around the house, into their bedroom, up the ladder of the bunk bed. The blinds were drawn and the window was wide open and a car was driving past our house at the perfect moment.
A childless person could never know such bliss!
Thanks for the giggle Cowpunk!

I keep finding my kids naked in the back yard. For some reason they'd rather take off their clothing than put a bathing suit on. I wouldn't mind at all if it weren't for the 4 surrounding neighbors that can easily see into our back yard. Sometimes you've just got to go with it though. :)
I was thinking about you and wondering if you'd post about all those baby movements. Yes, I remember those times well.

To answer your second question. Yes, I absolutely do think that having multiple children makes it harder. My kids aren't the ones screaming through the grocery store either, they are actually well behaved most of the time, so you can't focus necessarily on the behavior aspect. My kids are hard because of their age span and very different temperaments. You can be the same parent but find that what works with one kid fails with the second. So it's a constant struggle to tune your parenting to the individual child and sometimes it feels unnatural which adds stress. With only one child there is no one for them to fight with (which depending on your POV can be a negative or a positive). Multiple kids are all vying for more time with mom and dad. In my case I know quite a bit of my stress is because I simply don't get many breaks from them. Give me a couple of hours away and I feel much better, unfortunately I don't get that very often. So it's a combination of things.
We have one child, but he makes up for it at times. My 40 year old husband also tends to bicker with him, something beyond my comprehension.
I hear from teachers, the school nurse, or other parents how well behaved my child is when I'm not there, but as his mom I see every rock thrown at the bus stop, tears over fish instead of chicken, and hear 'you're ruining my life' on occasion. Sometimes an outside or time distanced perspective is very different. No matter how well behaved ones child is, parents are human too so things can seem pretty stressful in the moment. I've also found that I expect a great deal from my son and he is well aware of what I simply will not tolerate and is less likely to try unless he is really seeking a reaction.
That said, I love being here when he gets home from school and taking his back pack. We get that few minutes to sit and discuss school, look at papers, and go over lessons. Today he did a spelling test with me, and got them all correct. When he brought home last Friday's weekly note with zero marks for the week he was nearly incandescent as he beamed with pride while handing it to me. That said, the hardest days are the days when I'm his only play mate. He can get very impatient with me being so boring. He wants a little sister a great deal and I would love to be able to give him one.
I was checking my e-mail and my 2 year old son climbed up on the couch and yelled "Give me a kiss!" Of course I jumped up and kissed him immediately. He then ordered me to high five him, up high, down low and on the side about 20 times.

I was not a 'kid person' (to be honest did NOT like kids at all) until I got pregnant and then all of a sudden I was a huge ball of mush. I adore my son and I love all my friends children too. Being a Mom is a lot more fun then I thought it would be. Of course this post might have been a lot different if I had wrote it yesterday when my son wouldn't take a nap and I had to threaten to hide his toy cars.... :o)
I was the SAME WAY! I was never a "kid person". Yet the second I was pregnant, I did a complete 180. It came out of no where, and felt like I had no control. I was one person when I went to bed, and a totally different when I awoke the next morning.
Three years ago, if anyone would have told me " You are going to be a loving, caring, cookie-baking, bed-time story reading, worry-wart, proud Mama. " I would have laughed in their face. But now I can't even imagine being any other way. I never knew I could be SO in love, and SO happy. I know it's cliche', but it's true.
My son, 18 months will repeat ANYTHING you say. For the most part he pronounces everything correctly.
I have a habit of saying "Oh My Goodness", naturally he has picked up on this.
Anytime something scares him, something funny happens, he drops something, he says in his sweet little nasally voice "Oh My Nooness". It's the cutest thing in the world.
My six year old, Timmy, starts first grade next week. He is very excited about buying school lunch, and every night at bedtime for the past few weeks he wants to spend few minutes talking about the lunch menu. Strange, but cute! I'm just glad he is enthusiastic about school starting!


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