What advice do you wish you had heard right before you started middle school?

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Wow, great list John, really insightful, brought back a lot of memories too. I'm saving this to share with my little girl.
Never underestimate a strange boy's willingness to have sex with you, even if he doesn't seem interested in what you have to say. I'm sorry for playing that card right away, but discovering that there's a major disconnect between feelings, respect, and sex was an extremely difficult and painful lesson for me. :(
same here!!!
I would've loved it if someone had told me that the more confident you are, the less boys (and girls) will make fun of you (although they still will a little, that's middle school)... and the less confident you are, the more they'll make fun of you. I didn't discover that until the 10th grade and grades 7-9 really sucked.
I was a book worm in middle school. I was in National Jr Honor Society and I got straight A's. I wish someone would have told me not to listen to my mother. All throughout middle school she pressured me to dye my hair, wear make up and stop spending so much time studying.

I gave in to her pressure and started focusing more on finding my future mate. My grades went to pot in high school and I didn't graduate from college. So, I guess I wish I would have known better than to listen to a woman who never went to college and was just trying to brainwash me into giving her 12 grandchildren.

I was too surrounded by Mormons to have been able to doubt god, but that would have been a nice thing to know at 12. I could have spent all the time I spent in church, actually doing good things, instead of just learning about that Jesus dude.
Ohhhhh... there are many points for review.

1. Don't be a pacifist. That Jesus/pacifism theology is going to get your ass kicked.

2. It's not a sin to want to have sex (and if it is then f*ck it... pun intended).

3. Don't waste time going to Church.

4. That whole "thinking about sin is the same as doing the sin" thing is bullsh*t.

5. Did I mention the sex? Oh, I guess I did.

6. Praying is not going to help. Nada. Nil. Forget about it.

7. Reading comics or playing Dungeons and Dragons will not condemn my soul to everlasting Hellfire.

8. Gays are not damned by the Lord.

9. Go to the gym, look presentable, and talk to girls (and not about comics or Dungeons and Dragons). This will help regarding points 2 and 5.

10. Does it go without saying? God is about as real as the Easter Bunny.

Well, I think that about covers it.

Wait, did I mention the sex?

Oh, I'm not talking about body building. I'm just saying to be fit enough so that the average girl will not treat you with disdain.

The woman (you would have to admit) who is into comics or D&D is a rarity. Many of us male geek types, while searching for the aforementioned rarity, would need to interact with women not of that high caliber.
No... my dislike of sunlight (and fear of skin cancer) as well as my genetic predisposition for not putting on muscle saves me from such foolishness.

(I have nothing useful to add to this thread. I lived in a small town, we didn't have a middle school. I went to school with the same kids for 12 years.)
I think the one on the left is human, but what is that thing on the right?
Do not try too hard to fit in. Everyone feels awkward in middle school but these kids have a sixth sense when it comes to 'faking it'. If you are less than genuine they will jump on you like the pack of wild animals that they are.




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