I thought it would be fun to discuss what songs  we sing for bedtime. Why? And possibly share lyrics.

 My littlest heathen loves it when I sing Mother Earth and Father Time from Charlotte's Web.  I love singing it because of it's message. The appreciation of being a part of this short life in this amazing universe is so important to me now.  While I was trying to cling on to the remainder of my deist/pantheist beliefs , whatever they were supposed to be, I started singing it. I always thought  it a beautiful song, but as I got into the habit of singing it every night the words began to sink in. It reminded me that  I need to enjoy every moment while I can. bc life is so very short. Something that's so simple, yet it's easily forgotten.

The Lyrics:

How very special are we
For just a moment to be
Part of life’s eternal rhyme
How very special are we
To have on our family tree
Mother Earth and Father Time
He turns the seasons around
And so she changes her gown
But they always look in their prime
They go on dancing their dance
Of every lasting romance
Mother Earth and Father Time
The summer larks return to sing
Oh what a gift they give
Then autumn days grow short and cold
Oh what a joy to live
How very special are we
For just a moment to be
Part of life’s eternal rhyme
How very special are we
To have on our family tree
Mother Earth and Father Time

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I sing a cowboy medley with XTC's "Dear God." I start off with El Paso, then the Ballad of Billy the Kid, then Sweet Baby James. Rarely if my boy is still awake I go into Randy Newman's God's Song.
"If i was a serial killer" by ICP that sets the tone I think.
Tom Dooly, Molly Malone, and Down in the Valley for my youngest when he was "little." He is 6 now and does not want singing at bedtime.
When my kids were little I had a line up of nighttime songs to sing while rocking them to sleep. Hush Little Baby, Puff the Magic Dragon, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, I Can Sing a Rainbow, and Catch a Falling Star. I chose them all because they are soft, gentle and sleepy tunes.

My youngest (5yo) still occasionally requests a nighttime song but I guess soon my days of singing to little ones will be over. Well, maybe grandchildren someday.
Don't they tho?
That song always bugged me because a Koala bear is a marsupial... I guess I'm just nit-picky like that and it confuses my kids.
Lullaby by Trout Fishing In America

My kids (7 and 5) have asked that I not sing to them anymore. When they were little, I only knew a few songs including You are my Sunshine and Amazing Grace (from my Baptist days). When my son was 4, we would sing The Sun song. Now they mostly sing anything from the Simpsons or songs from Here Comes Science.
My oldest (11) surprised me a couple months ago by asking me to sing to him. You could have knocked me over with a feather, but I was happy to oblige.
My kids (4 and 7) have both become completely obsessed with listening to Here Comes Science. I'm sad that I am starting to move from happily geeking out to it, to deliberately "forgetting" to bring it along in the car. But as tremendously awsome as the CD is, there is only so many times that I can do "Solid....Liquid...gassssss" before I start loosing my slim hold on sanity.
It's amazing how kids can do that to your inner geek. Can't say that I've heard that one, but I'm always interested. You know I think I'd rather be burned out on that than Pokemon.
I love Here Comes Science. It melts my heart when my little 4 year old starts belting out 'Science is Real'... but like most kiddie music, it is a 'sometimes CD' My favorite is the round, "A Shooting Star is not a Star"... I actually put 'I am a Paleontologist' on my workout playlist... talk about a geek.

I will never get tired of the 'Sevens' song off Here Come the 123s. My kids love yelling "We Want Cake, Where's Our Cake?" :)

Barenaked Ladies have a kids CD too, I think it's called 'Snack Time'. Polliwog in a Bog is awesome and so is 789. :)


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