Whooping cough: How to prevent kids from contracting disease

With nearly 18,000 cases so far this year, health officials say this is shaping up to be the worst national epidemic in more than 50 years for the highly contagious disease.

Worrisome numbers have been reported in more than a dozen states.

What's a parent to do?

Some advice:

FIRST STEP: Make sure your child is up-to-date on vaccination against whooping cough, or pertussis. There are five doses,...

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I've heard Whooping Cough is on the rise and it's contagious too.

Pregnant women are urged to get whooping cough vaccination in the last three months of pregnancy, so their newborn gets some protection too.

Panel: Pregnant women, get whooping cough shot

An expert panel is urging every expecting mother to get a shot preventing whooping cough, preferably in the last three months of her pregnancy to help protect her baby.

The advice follows a frightening resurgence of the dreaded childhood disease. More than 32,000 cases, including 16 deaths, have been reported so far this year, and 2012 is on track to be the nation’s worst year for whooping cough since 1959.

image from Pregnancy jab for whooping cough which advises

Youngsters cannot receive the jab until they are two months old. Vaccinating their mothers before they are born will boost their immunity until they reach the age they can get the injection themselves... [emphasis mine]


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