North America, a 7 part wildlife series produced for the Discovery Channel by Silverback Films, breaks new ground in wildlife as propaganda.

North America, by which they mean the North American continent from the Arctic to Panama, is portrayed as a brutal, deadly, unforgiving place which only the brave and strong are entitled to call home. "Home of the Brave" is their theme.

...NORTH AMERICA, reveals that “survival of the fittest” is truly the law here...

For example hatchling sea turtles "soldier" their way out of the sand, and then the brave "band of brothers" faces a survival trial as they race to the sea. As if half weren't female.

There's a big emphasis on rite of passage trials. A baby mountain goat struggles to ford a raging stream. When he finally gets across he's "earned the right to call America home." So are we to look at a baby goat being washed away and think, "Well that one had no right to call this continent its home."? Don't newborn animals automatically have a right to call the land of their birth their home? Apparently not until they've passed some grueling test according to this program. Animals don't get unconditional respect, they have to earn it in battle with the elements or predators.

Animals are a thinly veiled vehicle for American self-aggrandizement. After a sequence the narrator concludes, "Americans are tough and strong." or "Americans fight for what's theirs." (after males battle or harems). Nature is all about the Man Box (as Tony Porter would put it). Appreciating nature is all about bolstering your Man Box ego and comparing yourself favorably against outsiders. As someone who actually cares about nature this makes me puke.

Children will be exposed, in public schools, to a macho American Exceptionalism which reduces wild animals to a vehicle for promoting Dominator Culture.

Discovery Education, which uses digital content to transform learning in over half of U.S. schools, will be offering special screenings, lesson plans and interactive resources for students to further explore the magnificent wonders and history of North America.

It's disturbing that the Discovery Channel would promote macho nationalism under the guise of wildlife entertainment/education. Expect little boys beating each other up, taunting the looser, "You're not a real American!", if this series succeeds in it's apparent intent.

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And I used to think of the Discovery Channel as harmless, entertaining documentaries!

"Macho nationalism" I have not seen that before. Discovery Channel does promote such disguised propaganda!

May I Twitter with attribution to you? Through this site, not mine? 

It is now time for me to think in terms of positive change; we, here, all know of the changes that need to be made. 




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