So my guy is Catholic, but he never acts like my brash atheist comments bother him. He usually laughs at some of the things I say-so our argument was of course about something I said (of course it was rude) and him responding with a positive comment about his lord. I got pissed and childishly started blaring marilyn manson-"the death song" (we were driving) and singing it loudly-that kinda pissed him off i could tell but the fact that I played MM and system all the way home after that probably just pushed him over the edge. We get home and I say-"I think I need to be with someone who is atheist or satanist like me" (for the 3rd time) then yelling started, but he's sucha sweet guy that his yelling was more like loud talking (no strain or anger). I said some mean things about how religion is a weakness, mass hysteria, he needs a straight jacket, etc. And for the first time I saw how much it hurt him. Im not good at admitting my faults but I really love him, so I apologized (if u know me u would know how unreal this is) I was as sincere as I could be I let him know that im never going to change how I feel about religion but I could at least try not being so brash towards him about it. I dont respect his opinion but I respect and love him so I think its something we could work out-especially since were ok now. This is life and nothing is perfect...

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My husband is Catholic too although not all serious and pro-life about it (I couldn't deal with that!) I have had a few times where I brought up the latest bullshit of the Catholic church and he kind of just didn't want to hear it. I didn't want to push him about it although I did get mad when he gave money to the church on one of the rare occasions he actually went to service.


People talk about deconverting people, challenging people, and I like to have debates and all that, but we also do interact with theists in our lives and for me if I always tried to challenge and deconvert everyone it would be too much like trying to turn everyone into me. I don't really think I am that great that everyone should be like me, and since my views change throughout my life this becomes hypocritical anyway. He believes in God and it makes him happy...actually, even though I have no intention of becoming religious, I kind of like this about him. It's one aspect of his overall positive personality. How is your boyfriend's outlook other than just being theist? If the person doesn't have the usual religious baggage, sometimes believing in God isn't that big of a detail.

Thats what im starting to realize- Its not that big of a deal. It just upsets me because I look at religion as a weakness of the mind, and I dont like that my partner isnt as mentally stable as me. But what are you gonna do-love trumps all I guess. My boyfriend is probably the sweetest man I have ever met-its crazy. He is so positive -always looks on the brighter side of things (but not annoying about it) Always looking to have a fun time-wants me to try all kinds of activities with him. He plays hockey and soccer (beer leagues lol) but still very athletic. Im 20 and I have a kid (please dont judge bad 4 year relation-shit!) and he doesnt care at all-he helps so much with my daughter when he doesnt have to, b/c her dad is still in the picture and to be honest I dont want to look like a young needy mother-im too independent for that. But I do appreciate it. He is just really awesome, and I feel that I would be an idiot to give up on something so special just because of religion. To be honest religion means so little to me that I should be able to date a "witness on wheels" and not have a problem with hearing about the "good word" all damn day :) I look at it like this as long as he doesnt try to push his bullshit on me then I dont have a problem with it, also he knows im bringing my daughter up Atheist, so as long as he respects that and doesnt try to influence her in any way. And of course I cant predict the future but if we ever have kids together then its his kid too so he can tell them whatever he wants but I told him no communion or baptism- we shall see lol!




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