So my names Sam, Im 20 yrs old born and raised in Michigan-and very cold. I recently became active with my atheism but I feel like I was always an atheist. Looking back on my childhood I realize since I was 5 I thought Santa, the easter bunny, jesus and God were the same type of thing-Not real but something people like to look forward to. Anyways I was single about Two months ago and I started looking for a relationship with another atheist because I have had some bad run ins with religious men. But I started dating this Catholic guy -I was introduced to him through a friend at work-cuz I damn sure didnt find him at Sunday mass :) He is actually awesome-we never fight he really respects that im an atheist/satanist, I dont mind that he goes to church on Sundays, we have alot of fun together and I see it going long term. I know-im shocked too WTF! But sadly something just tells me that im not going to be truly happy until I find someone I can share my true feelings with without having to feel some sort of guilt about being such the snappy atheist that I am. Im hoping he makes me so happy that I dont feel that emptiness, because finding an attractive, smart, responsible, sensual guy is hard enough-add atheist to that and it seems impossible. LOL who knows. Talk to me people let me know whats up with your relationships-thats what this group is for-venting and what not.

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When you say "satanist" are you making a joke, or being serious? The reason I ask, the actual Church of Satan is an atheistic religion. They use Satan as their "mascot" but they don't believe in any supernatural beings.
That is correct. I have very recently started looking into satanism and its meaning. I have a satanic bible, but I have not started any rituals yet. It just kinda clicked with me because I am dark in nature. I hate ignorance, so its funny to me that people cringe at Satanism due to the fact that they have no idea what it is or what it stands for. Its all about Man being Satan in a sense and instead of punishing ourselves for being sinners we should embrace our natural urges and tendencies. "Natural" meaning urge for sex not the same as someones urge to kill (cuz thats crazy not natural) Satanism stands for nothing evil or wrong-such as animal sacrifice, drinking blood, etc. But it is a sort of mockery of the catholic and christian church which is fine because both are deserving of it. Satanism is the one anti-religion that doesnt change your life it simply opens your mind to what you already knew was real. Are you a satanist?

No, but I have done a little research into it, and I'm always intrigued by non-theistic religions: Church of Satan; Scientology; Raellians; non-theistic Buddhists, Hindus & Quakers; Raëlism. As someone who was raised as theistic but non-religious, the combination of atheism and religion is peculiar to me.

What makes Satanism draw you more than just straight atheistic, non-religious living? Is it the structure? The ritual?

The first thing I'd wonder is if your Catholic friend is taking a ride on the wild side, and he's attracted to you because you represent (as a Satanist) the polar opposite of his Catholic faith. I can't say, of course, not knowing him or you at all. That's just my knee-jerk reaction. It's not a bad thing, as long as both of you know that this is what the relationship is based on.
Well you do make a good point however I dont think its like that we have not made religion the base of our relationship its really early too so we may have changes down the road. When we discuss our views we actually listen to each other only difference is he respects me and I say I respect him but I dont cuz I look at giving into a religion as a weakness-Im too strong and too logical to ever worship anything especially a being I cant see. This is why I like Satanism because they dont worship "Satan" you have to view yourself as a god or goddess and worship yourself. A bit narcissistic i'll admit but It works for me at least im not part of this ridiculous mass hysteria we call about 90% of humanity.
well I will tell you, I am marreid to a christian, we have our ups and downs like any relationship, but the great thing is we like to debate(some see it as argueing) but we do respect eachother. Now i can't say it happens all the time with people, but to be honest, what in this world doesnt take a little work. I think that any of us "NEW" atheists come into this swinging cause we are so full of anger about what we nknew we had been lied to about, that our passion for what we have just allowed our selves to know has a fire to it. so i guess i just rambled and lost my train of thought, but maybe you get the idea of what i was trying to say


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