I live in Schuylkill county and want to know if anybody is interested in meeting once a month or so for discussion, hanging out, or just socializing with fellow free thinkers. We could meet at a bar or restaurant, have a few drinks (or not), eat a meal, and talk. If there is enough interest we could aim towards eventually starting a local group (goals, if any, to be defined later)

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i would i live about 30 miles away from you in Sunbury i would be up for it. I have started a meetup group in my area in lewisburg but your welcome to come or i can head your way i goto a fews groups in the area besides the one i started witch are in wilkes barre and state collage.
How many are in your Lewisburg group and what kind of things do you do? Also, I would appreciate info on the Wilkes Barre group since it is about the same travel time for me.




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