Let's try this for conversation. East, West, North, South? Smack in the middle, off to the left little? Where are you?

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Didn't even notice this post before I posted. I live 35-40 minutes away from you, in Mercer county, also 45 minutes south of Erie. I've been to Meadville frequently. We go through Conneaut Lake / Geneva Swamp which follows a nearly straight road with a total of maybe two turns for the whole trip.

I live in Meadville also!  I know not one single Atheist here.

My husband and I are in Greensburg. We would enjoy get togethers with like minded, rational people.
I'm in Coatesville.

I'm just north of Exton

I live in Greenville PA, Mercer county. It's a little over an hour north of Pittsburgh, but about 45 south of Erie. So nearly halfway in between, and 30 minutes from Youngstown Ohio. We actually get Youngstown news (sort of weird).

Don't know any other Atheists in this area.

Little Marsh (near Wellsboro) in Tioga County.

I'm in Liberty (above Williamsport)

Meadville, in Northwest, PA.

I dated a girl from Meadville/Cochranton area when in college.  She stated she was agnostic.  Does that count?




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