The Rise of Pennsylvania’s Racist Right Is a Warning to the Nation

I had no idea racism had become this bad in our state.

Pennsylvania’s turn to the extreme right is like a Frankenstein’s monster run amok. The advantages Republicans have gained in the state through gerrymandering have led them to distill their ethos into its most repulsive element: hate.

By systematically eliminating electoral competition, they allow themselves to be increasingly driven by the basest and most corrosive influences within their coalition.

As the Pennsylvania GOP has pushed for ALEC-approved, Norquist-sanctioned pilfering of the public coffers, they have adapted an increasingly Machiavellian style. Elected officials feel less confined to maintain a veneer of racial civility...

  • State Senator Scott Wagner, the waste treatment millionaire who wants to become Pennsylvania’s next governor, ... 
  • Pennsylvania House Majority Leader Dave Reed used campaign funds to pay for his membership in ... a Tea Party group in western PA that defended Neo-Nazis when they attacked counter-protesters in Charlottesville.
  • Rep. Daryl Metcalfe ...
  • Congressman Lou Barletta (R), who built his career on xenophobia and unconstitutional profiling as the mayor of Hazleton PA, ...

What do these Pennsylvania officials have in common? They all try to mainstream racist views, and make the commonwealth a vanguard in White Nationalism’s push to take over the GOP. [order changed, bullet point mine]

"Pennsylvania, established as a haven for freedom, has become one of the most hate-filled states in the country... " The Hateful State

image from Season of hate: racist and hateful speech proliferate across Pennsy...

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(I'm again wishing the "Like" button were called "thank" or "upvote" or some such... I appreciate your reporting, while being appalled and disgusted by what's being reported!)




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