It is my opinion that Pensacola really needs to have an 'atheist presence', if you will.  As individuals it's easy for people to dismiss us and it's really easy for people who don't KNOW any atheists to hold false beliefs about them (satanists, rapists, pedophiles, evil evil evil).  I watch the Atheist Experience on You Tube, and they mention sometimes that the way they got The Atheist Community of Austin started was just by putting an ad in the paper looking for like-minded folks to meet somewhere for lunch or something.  At first they only had a handful of people, but now their group is huge. 
Ultimately, I'd really love for this group to find it's own way of going out into the community and doing 'good for goodness' sake'.  But that will take lots of time and planning. 

Right now, just having a sense of community with like-minded people in this area full of bat-shit crazy beliefs is enough for me.  :)

What would you like to see in this group? 

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That sounds good to me.
If there is food and/or beer involved, I'm in. I can even cook!
I'm in. Not sure if my heathen friends will commit, But I will. this is group Is EXACTLY what this town needs.
All right. When, where and how often? Beer and food- Ozones, Mellow Mushroom, ... I just got up, someone else name some places. LOL
Which would be better, meeting Friday evening, Saturday or Sunday (lunch or dinner)?
I love what they did in Austin.  Let's do it.  It would be fun!




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