I read 50 Reasons People Give for Believing in a God. I was looking for some kind of resource that gives answers besides "God" to believers' questions  - something targeted to the believer.  This is the closest thing I've found.
Many of the reviews on Amazon are from believers who said this book was part of their process of deconversion.
The book is respectful of believers and very commonsense. It's the sort of thing you might give to a thoughtful believer.
As a resource for Socratic questioning, it has some usefulness. However it's not targeted to the epistemic disorder involved in faith, that Peter Boghossian writes about.  It's more a bunch of arguments.
Curiously, the author didn't mention the "well, it's true for me" reason. That's a New Agey justification of faith, that some believers seem to have adopted from the ideas floating around them.

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