A brave atheist Dr try to defend atheism in Arabic TV being humiliated after being cheated by the TV channel that there will be fair debate.

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Wow - that gives some impression of what it is like there.  That was in Egypt? 

Dr. Noha said she believes God exists at one point - but she doesn't think he answers prayers. 

But you say she's an atheist. 

How does that work?  Does she have to agree God exists to be able to talk at all? 

The religious intolerance is intense!

If she admit that she is an atheist or god does not exist that is would be like making her death sentence.
And she was talking about the past when she was believer she used to pray
She only can talk indirectly because people they do not understand that god exist.
Any how I think it's good step comparing to other country even the goal of the channel was to make fun of her.

Listening to that video, I can see how 9/11 happened. 

It's like an evil mass psychosis.

I want to say to the talk show host and others afflicted by that evil mass psychosis "Relaaax.  Shit happens.  People steal stuff, people sleep around.  You don't have to kill them as a result.  Take a deep breath, realize you're alive and you don't have to be violent".

But I don't think they would listen. 

Wait a sec , what you watched is soft open minded Muslim if you wanna see real Islam watch this

That doesn't make as much of an impression on me, because the people aren't talking and communicating their mindset.  The video shows violence, but violence is everywhere. 

Yes, everybody think it's hopless case , but I'm sure there is solution and I'm trying to figure it out.




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