Atheists and PZ's blog get stabbed in this LA times article

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I can't help but think the poor writer probably alienates everyone. She's well-spoken enough that none of the Limbaughians or Beckians will have a clue what she's saying (no easy catch-phrases), and any potential intellectual camaraderie is thwarted by her belief in the supremacy and non-boringness of her magical thinking. Poor twit.
I don't know about the rest of you, but I keep looking for the theist that wants to have a serious metaphysical or epistemological argument about god's existence, or that would like to discuss the serious arguments that theologians have made attempting to reconcile, say, God's omniscience with free will or God's goodness with human suffering. That could be interesting. All the theists I meet just want to know: "What if you're wrong?"
To which the best answer is: "What if YOU are wrong? - - - - What if there IS a god but it is not yours? What if the god you think you know is really a Devil? What if it is really as nasty as the Old Testament says it is?"
Here is a good headline for the LA Times. "Christians: No Evidence, No Clue, Just Fairy Tales
Do you think if someone wrote an article with a title like that, it would be printed in it?

That newspaper seems to get off on treating atheists as second class citizens. Whats next drinking fountains for christians and another beside it for atheists? Maybe I should just expect to sit on the back of the bus.
It seems like the word atheist is getting tossed around as a type of racial epitat. I'm waiting for comments like this to start coming my way when I tell folks I'm an atheist. "I have a good friend thats an atheist" "Theres non-believers, and then theres atheists"
You could write a thesis on all of the hate, lies and pettiness in that piece. I needed to say something about this here but choosing something to point out was hard as there was so much to choose from.

Why would I ever attempt to reconcile "God's omniscience with free will or goodness with human suffering" when I have no reason to believe God exists in the first place.

The extreme hate in was evident as as someone mentioned before, like it was from a schoolgirls diary. I might understand this being posted in a forum but being printed in the LA Times makes my mind spin.
What gets me is that they will say "Read the Bible" and when I tell them I have read it about 20 times from cover, I get a blank stare and then "And you still don't believe it?" No, it is one reason I adopted Atheism.


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