Holy pareidolia, Batman! It's Jesus! Well, actually, it's an image on a cancer patient's MRI that she thinks looks like Jesus. She calls it a divine discovery. Here’s a transcript from an Oct. 5th video CNN did on the story (you can watch the video by clicking on it in the column at the left).




This belongs with those "man bites dog" kind of stories to my mind but, hey, CNN calls it news so who am I to argue?


More, including the CNN video and a slide show of other deities who show up on MRI scans (there's even one for PZ Myers fans), here.



For PZ Myers fans: Squid Jesus!


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That isn't Jesus. It's Barry Gibb.
I don't see Jesus in the So. Carolina woman's MRI either. To me it looks more like Neo from The Matrix.

In the picture I put up here I see a squid in the gray areas. At the top, a triangular frill surrounds an octopoid body (with two evil looking white eyes) whose many arms are encircling a struggling man-like form with outstretched arms (Jesus? visible only from the torso up) just below the center of the scan.

I guess that's one twisted psyche I have!


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