There's info, and links to more info, about this on P. Z. Myers will be in Grand Rapids this week (March 25, 26). I'm planning to attend the "3 Beers Discussion" at the Grand Rapids Brewing Co. on Thurs. evening (26th) which is hosted by C.F.I. Michigan. As I live in Northern Indiana, this is only about a 1 1/2 hour drive each way for me. Looking forward to finally meeting P. Z. ... anyone else planning to attend?

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How was the 3 Beers Discussion? I was at the lecture on the 25th and it was very good. Enjoyed it a lot and met some more people and heard a real ID'r (eww).

Thank You PZ
It was a very nice, very informal, evening. Had the honor, and pleasure, of meeting Dr. Myers, as well as many other good people. Good food, good beer, engaging conversations on multiple topics.
Here are some more pictures, video and a link to the audio recording of the full lecture.


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