Wow, I havn't checked this site in so long. I can't believe there's 27 memebers in my group now!
Anyway, last night the atheist meetup group went out and saw the new Bill Maher flick, Religulous. Very good movie, and a good time was had afterwards at the bar too.
For everyone in this group that doesn't know, Philadelphia has fairly large atheist group on This group is active, and most of the people are very friendly and fun to be around. So, anyone that is a part of this group, and not a part of the meetup group, needs to get over there and join. There are other events coming up, and I know I will be attending some of them. Hope to see you there!


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I'm just going to reiterate Joe's post here... Everyone should definitely check out the Meetup group at

We have been adding more events lately, so there's usually something going on a few times a month. Everyone is really friendly and we have a great time. Please sign up and check it out!




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