let's discuss philly's
god-botherers over some
schmancy beer, live mics

we have already an engineer, a host, and a pool of guest voices.

anyone interested in providing a location for an atheist podcast in june?
i'm so dumb. why didn't i just ask the community sooner?

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traffician, please get in touch with me about it. I've been considering the same thing for a while and I'd love to bounce some ideas around.
sure. where is your place? did you have any topics you wanted to hit? or mechanics you'd like to tweak in the podcast format? or technical shit? hey what's up :)
this =was= a thing, it =did= happen.

the podcast is edited and just waiting in my hard disk. it was four philly atheists and a curious, atheist-friendly theist sitting around a mic with some craft beers and snacks. if anyone has a thought what should be done with it, speak up — that was further ahead than i'd given thought.

shall we do more?




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