John's Announcement Concerning Atheists and Agnostics (Please Read)

I have seen some posts regarding antagonism towards agnostics here in PATAS Facebook walls. Let me straighten this out.

PATAS means Philippine Atheists and AGNOSTICS Society, therefore we accept agnostics in PATAS. Now the issue here is why?

Remember that PATAS define agnosticism the way Thomas Huxley coined it in 1869 (as absence of knowledge). Furthermore, in PATAS we consider agnosticism not in ...the way Mainonides and Kierkegaard defines it. - we are not into religious agnosticism that define such as "we can state what god is, but-due to the unknowable nature of the supernatural-we cannot state what god was."

Since supernatural realm is inherently unknowable by the human mind any supernatural being is unknowable as well. Since gods are considered to be supernatural beings, it will remain unknowable and not worthy of positive belief. This is how PATAS define agnosticism.



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