PATAS Guidelines

Before members enter the forum, one must feel obliged to follow the Online Rules to avoid discrepancies and counter-productive conflicts.  

  1. Not register more than one account at the same time.
  2. Aid fellow members in the understanding of atheism/agnosticism, and other related topics. Promote information-seeking dialogues and settling of conflicts.
  3. Participate in discussions, but keep them relevant and visionary.
  4. Provide the most comprehensive accurate information available. Cite sources if necessary.
  5. Refrain from advertising.
  6. Respect the rights of authors, editors and other members.
  7. Promote harmony and help provide members and guests with enjoyable environment.
  8. Take responsibility to your thread and the comments you allow. If you see someone behaving badly, tell them so.
  9. Label your tolerance level for abusive comments.
  10. Do not publish discriminatory, offensive, degrading or illegal materials.
  11. Do not say online what you wouldn’t say in person.
  12. Do not be a Troll”, i.e. a person or group of persons trying to twist the topics in order to provoke conflict among other members of the forum. Ignore trolls as much as possible.


These are a few rules intended to protect fruitful exchange in an environment of mutual respect. This forum is moderated a posteriori, i.e. the messages are read by the moderators after their publication. Failure to respect these rules may involve edition, removal or suppression of your messages, or even temporary or complete banishment from the forum or the suppression of your account. The administrators will notify each offender.

This is a collaborative site; if you are an amateur about some facts, eternal beginner or a professional, you will find friendly enthusiastic help and a wide range of resources on this forum.



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