If you will notice, Paquiao always starts and ends his match with a prayer, and he wins his match most of the times. So just asking...How will you point out to the Filipinos a certain "godless" philosophy like Secular Humanism for example in relation with Paquiao

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I beleive this is Apples to Apples.
A coincedence. We know there is no God there answering prayers, but on the other hand, "Mind over Matter" is a very strong concept.

More power to Manny. He is a strong Icon for the Philippines as well as for the rest of the world.
If he has an imaginary friend in his corner, so be it!
Coincidence. The suicide warriors who pulverized the twin towers using planes also prayed before they set out to accomplish their mission. And they were successful. For every winning Manny Pacquiao there's a hundred who also pray before a bout and lost. Muhammad Atta's group was preceded by many other cells that prayed twice as hard before going on a mission but failed. There's a young physician here in the Philippines who takes videos of his sexual conquests who'd just been caught and exposed. He says he's leaving it all up to God. I have a feeling even the Catholic God won't be in a forgiving mood any time soon. What Allah would think about all these should be moot. As long as Pacquiao doesn't use his religion to "help" him get into public office (by doing a Sarah Palin, for instance), I say god bless him and his millions of dollars of investment. Someday, when his time comes, he will pray and lose a fight and just say it's the will of god. "It's time for me to focus on serving the Filipino people," or some along these familiar-sounding lines. What worries me about Manny is that he probably thinks there's nothing wrong with religious values seeping into public governance, as long as these values are Christian (I'm sure he doesn't find Sharia Law appropriate for Filipinos). The implications of this downright frightens me, because when its time for him to ask his fans (all 85 million of them in a political campaign): "Who says the Church has to be separate from the State?!" The Filipino nation would scream in earnest unison: "NOBODYYY`!!!"
Its how he was brought up with, the god on his side. Can't argue with that.
I agree with Doug Harrington on his point. Mind over matter clearly describes his wins.

Logic of what Manny thinks in fight:
I trained enough.
Philippines is with me.
GOD is success.
GOD is with me.
I will win because of GOD.

these conditions create a certain mental endurance for Manny to win his fights, thus making his brains work his already beefed up muscles to survive and win.

Funny Fact:
Cotto also thinks GOD is with him.
He lost.
well first of all, pacquiao undergoes freakish training, his skills are awesome, and he arguably one of the best fighters of the century.

those are the reasons why he wins his matches, not the prayers.

This is how I break this down - what you label the Pacquiao Dilemma.

1. If his faith (to an imaginary dude in the sky) favors him over his opponent/s, then faith should be good enough for a very pleased god that MP does not need to train hard for 8 weeks before each fight.

2. Most of his opponents specially from Mexico and South American countries were also Catholics. I saw Cotto doing the sign of the cross in a number of his fights. So, the factor of faith is easily cancelled out.

I don't consider this a dilemma. It is a non-issue basically.




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