More sad than angry reading this article.

CNN Link:
Philippines debates government promotion of contraception

Of course this group mainly consists pf people from the Philippines. Figured to post for the others not living there.

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Nothing will work until we get our numbers right, and every year a budget is proposed for a fixed number of people. 85 million. But even tomorrow the number will be 85.10, and by the time the budget is passed, the number has inflated into 85.75. China's success was caused by birth control, not hard work or sacrifice. Filipinos work harder than today's Chinese, but what we produce just isn't enough to go around. Today's Chinese couple only has one or two dependents, the average Filipino has 6. And Filipinos procreate faster. This is good for the Catholic church, since the competition for souls is getting stiffer and the church thrives on one-peso per person donation per mass. Runaway population growth contributes to poverty, and as long as there is poverty there will be a need for organized religion. No way will the Catholic church give up its main source of livelihood.

Pagan Rome did it with bread and circuses, Philippine Christianity is doing it with One God Three Substances, the merciful cult of Mary, various American-style evangelical sects, spin-offs, what-have-you, but most of all the emotional blackmail of Original Sin without the dietary restrictions of Islam and Judaism. But then what else is new? Filipinos love their caucasian divinities. Chinky-eyed Buddhism couldn't take root in visually-oriented Philippines. Unlike faceless Islam, Filipinos like their Jesus blue-eyed and auburn blond. Just like Latin America. The Philippines is the only Latin American country in Asia. The infant Jesus is really just Chucky in gold-embroidered doily with frizzy red hair.




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