Which of the current crop of presidentiables do you think is the most sympathetic to the principle of separation of government and religion? Legarda is a devout believer---I've seen her on TV spouting god and faith and stuff, and she was already a government official at that time, so she's out as far as I'm concerned. I've seen Lacson in church once, but maybe that was just playing politics because of the presence of cameras (photo op for a voting population that is, for good or ill, overwhelmingly Catholic/Christian). De Castro is obviously cowed by religion, and Estrada knows without the support of the religious his candidacy is doomed, whether or not he's a believer (which is not easily settled because this guy is, afterall, an ACTOR). I'm not familiar with the others. How about Teodoro, anyone?

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Didn't really hear much about Teodoro until the announcement of his plan to run for President. And until his wife asserted that it's either "Teodoro for President" or he doesn't run at all. XD

I know I won't be voting for Escudero. XD Regardless of his belief or religious affiliations. We come from the same region; he hasn't really done anything for the place. He is a good speaker but, most of the time, he's all talk.

In a country with 98% of the population believes in a God, it's no surprise that those running for the highest positions like to show they're men of faith.
i have no idea, in my opinion,i think we will not have such kind of presidentiable.think about it, the fact that they are in politics, so that means they will do anything necessary to be liked by the people and of course being religious and godly will be one of their image and thus very good for PUBLICITY =).
I think you're right (najo, too), the logic of political popularity contests being so simple. It's depressing, and the weather's not helping any.
Have you guys heard of Nicanor Perlas? (http://nicanorperlas.com/) People claim him to be an alternative to traditional politicians. That he's standing up to become an actual choice because people are tired of choosing the lesser evil. Impressive profile. He's a environmental activist.

Will be waiting for more news about him.
I'm not comfortable with his (too)-close associations with religious groups, and his writings--well, at least his critique of Pinker---had a decidedly mystical aroma about it.




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