Hey, can someone tell me if they know the name of the author which believes in selfishness. He wrote a book about it. My philosophy teacher told me about him a few years ago but I forgot the name shortly after and I was interested in reading that book, because I would like to see the arguments he brings up and whether his belief is similar to my own.

The author is arguing that altruism doesn't exist. That's all I can say.

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Thanks for the replies, I have gotten Ayn Rand recommended already, as well as Nietzsche, someone whom I have read but maybe I read the wrong one (Zarathustra) in where those ideas were displayed. However, if it really was Nietzsche I am quite sure I would have remembered, he is quite a big name in philosophy in general, and if you study the subject even at a very basic level which I did, he is hard to miss to speak. He also quite frankly has a really stand out name.

Anyway, the subject is still interesting since it corelates so much to my own ideas and reading more about it can only be enlightening.

I will try to visit the local library this Saturday. Unfortunately, I always get home so late from work so week days are almost impossible.


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