So, at my job today, cleaning carpets, staring at the floor and contemplating the universe again...  I'm fascinated with these questions.

  1. Why does life exist at all?  It never needed to, did it?  The quantum guys would mention that an "observer" makes a definite affect on reality, changing it, though they can't say how important that is.  From that bit, one could construe that life has to exist to observe the universe. -but kinda thin.

  2. Why does the Universe exist at all?  Did it need to exist?  This one really stuck in my head.

Imagine that spooky nothing... I can't do it. I keep thinking of a black void -like sticking my head into a dark room. But the void would be something, not nothing. There should be no void and no observer. 

NOW how special did I feel at that moment, all sweaty and cleaning carpets, in the middle of the big universe. I'M HERE, NOT NOTHING -that's coooool.

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Update: As if on cue last night was a BBC documentary on The Science Channel about "Nothing".  The host went through the history of creating vacuums, thoughts of ethers, and finally quantum mechanics that explains that nothing can be really empty.  That in a vacuum, for very tiny moments of time, particles and their antiparticles pop into existence and annihilate each other.  A cosmic fuzziness.  

He was very serious when he told us that, though strange, THIS IS WHAT IS HAPPENING.

Almost what I was contemplating; Still I was thinking of no-space, no container, for vacuum to exist. 

Also this is a good little example of "something from nothing", -another silver bullet.

These are deep questions. Will we ever find the answers.
These are deep questions. Will we ever find the answers?




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