I just got started reading it but many of you should if you like the idea of truth, reality and atheism.



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I like Sam Harris

I'm read it. It's also available in audio book. I thought it was great. It shines a very clear light on why we have difficuan item deciding right from wrong, AND how there can be a real science of morality.

After we decide what the ultimate goal of morality should be, much like the decided goal of health care is long productive life and not say euphoria, then decisions can finally be weighed more right or wrong.

Harris's ultimate morality would be "the maximum wellbeing of conscious creatures". I say that most religious people would base there morality on following their god's plan.

So there you have it - a Clear understanding of why there's a problem and what a solution might look like
Sorry about the typos. Using my not-so-smart phone to post.




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