I agree with the creator of this group, Phoenix needs something like this... but... where is everybody?

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reporting, sir!

maybe it's just too damned hot even to type :->
I had a keyboard with metal keys once. Big mistake! I still haven't a full set of fingerprints. :-)
I was busy today. So, as a group, what do we do?
At a guess: cat herding.
One more on board!
So this is where the AZ Atheists party's at?! Finally!
Has anybody here gone to any of the Atheist Meet-ups?
I didn't even know there had been meetings. :( Guess it's time to get into the loop - is there a group out here somewhere? I've looked on AAI, but there doesn't seem to be any groups registered there...
I take a break for several days to build a new kitchen and the place is positively hopping with activity!
One more member now.
I did join the atheist meetup group in Phoenix but still haven't made it to any of their meetings. They usually meet on Friday nights which is about the only evening my husband and I have together.
I am glad to see some atheist educators here. My daughter starts student teaching in the spring semester and I'm just wondering how much grief she'll run into in the system.




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