Hi there Arizona atheists.  I'm currently living in Vermont, but I joined this group to ask y'all a question.

There's the possibility that I might have to move to Arizona this coming fall.  Currently I am very happy in my small (pop. ~12,000), very liberal, progressive friendly town.  To be honest, as a small town liberal Atheist, moving to a big city or a red state (or both!) scares the bejeezus out of me.

Can anybody recommend an area/town/community in Arizona that would be more accepting of non-conservative non-Christians?  In the case that I do move, I want to avoid a system shock as much as possible  :-/

Thanks in advance.

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Weird as it sounds, but Sedona. Aka New Age Central. If you can stomach a psychic on every corner, there are a fair amount of liberals, environmentalists and Atheists in town. After a while the psychics are just a novelty, like the t-shirt shops next to every psychic.

Tempe is the college-y part of Phoenix.

Flagstaff is also a college town and thereby there are plenty of liberals to disperse the crazy. Plus the Flagstaff city council voted unanimously NOT to enforce the new Breathing While Brown law.


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