TrueChristian has been trolling alt.atheism and Atheism vs Christianity for years and is hilarious.

Everybody falls for it no matter how many times I identify him as a POE.

The final clues to me where when he posted links to the Landover "Church" website (a parody of the Westover Church for those who don't know).

And Paliban Daily which is a parody of a Sarah Palin support type site which most people also didn't get but now they admit it openly.

From their About Us section:

"Until July of 2009, the focus of this site was excruciatingly subtle parody of fundamentalist Christians. So subtle, most folks didn’t get it . . . and didn’t come back, so they didn’t get to see what the real fundamentalists are doing. Jenny and I had a little confab, and decided to go “serious news” with some occasional good-natured teasing of the superstitious."

Here's a link to one of his posts to me :-) Enjoy.

And another .... on alt.atheism

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