I suspect there may be many of these to be found around the net, but as a starter, here's one I stumbled across on another forum by someone that I'm sure is a genuine fully brainwashed Christian.

Towards the end of her post, which was all CAPS, except for the piece here, she shared:

"RECOMMENED SONGS "I believe by Marvin Sapp" and "Never Would Have Made It by Marvin Sapp"

hear it at www.imeem.com"

the "giveaway" was the imeem.com site.. imeme?... add that to the guy's surname and, imo, you have a UPOE.

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And I am about as pedantically literate as you're going to get, and I don't get it either.
If Felch doesn't get it then I don't feel so stupid because I too don't get it.
Maybe its a Brit thing - A "Sap" is generally a derogatory term applied to a person, eg "you poor sap".

If it was just his name, then yeah, not really a POE - but with the website name being so close to "meme", which is one way of looking at religious fervour, it struck me as something that could have been written as part of an intentional POE.

Or maybe my imagination is just too twisted :D

Anyway, the intention behind this discussion was hopefully to find more unintentional POEs by those who take their religion way too seriously.
No. Poes don't involve depth of thought. You'll recognize them when you see the box facing forward and backward alternatingly:

Except that, instead of the front and back of a box, it'll be a parodist or a fundamentalist.




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