5 Juicy Tax Breaks That Corporations Enjoy That the Public Can't Touch

Can you deduct fines for criminal violations from your taxes?

  1. When corporations break the law, they get a tax break
  2. When corporations fall on hard times, the tax code helps makes them whole
  3. Many corporations get to choose where in the world to report their income, allowing them to choose a nation with low or no taxes
  4. Superstorm Sandy devastated millions of American families, but corporations got to deduct the full value of their losses from their taxes
  5. If you are an American citizen working abroad you pay American taxes on your foreign earnings; if you are an American corporation you can indefinitely delay paying U.S. taxes on income you earn abroad.

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It is necessary to trade. It is not necessary to live.

I saw those words decades ago; perhaps while I was studying accounting or in a later European history course. They were allegedly posted about five centuries ago at a toll gate on the Rhine River.

I was more idealistic then and they angered me enough that I remember them now.

They describe well America's business policies.

It's up to Americans to reduce the damage these policies do.




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