I occasionally watch c-span. In the last couple of weeks I noticed a few callers shut down for plugging 911 conspiracy theory. I have never noticed such persistant crank calling on c-span. So I have been trying to sort fact from fiction. I been doing the tour of Alex Jones,Edward Griffiths and Michael Ruppert and Zeitgeist. All of which trip themselves up with their clear Lefty propaganda, paranoia or theism.Alarmingly, they may even be goaded on or created by their enemies on the Right/ Elite to keep eyes off the real ball. This seems to be the opinion of sensible journalists. And yet while I credit their determination to be grounded I also wonder if they are nervous to bite off more than they can chew. 911 conspiracy seems plausible as an act of terror if only because it would not be an anomaly in history. Churchill did it to the French to gain an ally, sinking of the Luisiana to draw america into ww2 and Pearl Harbour to wage war on Japan. The war on terror has opened a can of worms with the Patriot's Act and how surveillanced the american public wants to be or fears to be.Let alone condoning Bush's war-mongering. What exactly is the Big Money power behind our democracy? Is it democratic to have our 2 parties as 2 faces of the Same Coin, literally?
I have it from a civil engineer's horses mouth that the twin towers are known by engineers/ architects not to have been soundly built in the first place, which makes planned demolition irrelevant. Any suggestions for some sound links to follow.? Given that the media is owned by Big Money, the only option is to go digging outside it.
Bbbrrrrh. Brave New World....

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Michele, I evaluate a conspiracy with, "How will accepting it change my life?"

Sometimes by asking the theorist, "Will accepting your explanation help me pay the rent?"

Michele, the above are two ways I evaluate the more bizarre conspiracy theories I hear.

My favorite theory about 9/11 is that it was payback for American foreign policy in the Middle East. They want us out, and with all the oil they have we refuse to go.

Well, first of all, Zeitgeist is nothing to do with reality; it is fantasy. It will take me a while to pull up the references I can give you for why I say that. I don't believe Alex Jones at all, he is a fear monger in my estimation, based on what I have heard him say. I haven't read anyone else's opinion. As to the others, I don't have opinions on them, I don't know what they have to say. 

As to conspiracy theories, there are some that seem credible, but upon further examination, I have found none that make sense when you look at the bigger picture. As to the conspiracy about Big Money, that is based on the basic principles of capitalism, which is designed to draw money away from small business and wage-workers into the wealthy class. It is real. It happens every 50-60-70 because it takes a generation for people to forget the great depressions caused by capitalism and the remembering generation to die off. There is a recovery that comes after the resulting wars that come about because of increased demand for labor and the high wages labor can get during war years. If you want more information on that, let me know and I can get you the citations. 

I will get back to you with the Zeitgeist and other fear-mongering cites. 

One of the best jobs of debunking the 9/11 conspiracy theories was done by Popular Science magazine.  I've had it recommended to me and I suggest you give it a look.

Loren, that is the one I was trying to remember! Thanks.




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