The power to be. A mentally healthy, mature, adult human being is self-defined, one who recognizes his/her strengths and weaknesses and builds upon strengths while working to gain information and understanding of weaknesses and ways to make wanted changes. Individual differences exist and deserve to be honored. The desire and motivation for self-improvement comes from inside, not from what others want him/her to be or do. Discovering what one likes to do and enjoys doing leads to better decisions in the other domains. This requires courage,  bravery, persistence, integrity, vitality as well as a sense of temperance, forgiveness, mercy, humility, prudence, self control

The power to do. Each individual has the responsibility to be able to stand on his/her own without depending on others for physical, mental, emotional, and financial support. Learning how to work, manage money, time, resources, decision making, options exploration, action planning, and evaluation is all a part of growing up. Working to support one’s lifestyle and living within one’s means leads to less stress and anxiety. True dignity comes from self-reliance, 

The power to belong. Human beings are social animals and being healthy requires learning how to function in a family, group, work environment, and participate in community action. Effective communication is a skill that is learnable, as is negotiation, problem solving, and conflict resolution. There are times when one needs encouragement and moral support, and there is no shame in needing help. If it is a lifestyle, it becomes a crutch that leads to loss of self respect and dignity. Living well with others requires a sense of humanity, love, kindness, social intelligence as well as a sense of justice, citizenship, fairness, leadership.

The Power to think. Learning how to function in these three domains requires critical thinking. One cannot hope to succeed, or pretend, or delude oneself, or use ego defense mechanisms to make life meaningful. Thoughtful recognition of what is real, necessary, and possible empowers one to control one’s life, and find joy and meaning in choices made. Wisdom, knowledge, being  creative, having curiosity, being open–minded, love of learning, perspective, and innovation enriches one’s life.

The power to transcend. These four domains lead to a sense of appreciation of beauty and excellence, gratitude, hope, humor, and of being part of something far greater than oneself.

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I Iike what you have written here..

Doesn't it all start with education ?

Do we have to start implementing now and hope that in about 4 generations education will work?

The education system in the USA is in disrepair.

Thanks for posting this.I know I have learned something.




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