"Can you have a meaningful life without an afterlife? I asked several friends to join me in exploring the merits of human existence and the concepts of posthumous reward and punishment. It is my hope that this video will answer religious claims that a secular life is meaningless and void and remind us all to cherish our precious and temporary tenure on planet earth.

"My deepest thanks to AronRa, DarkMatter2525, DPRJones, Evid3nce, HealthyAddict, Laci Green, Thunderf00t and ZOMGitsCriss for their contributions to this project. I also encourage you to subscribe to their channels and support their work, and I've provided links here (in alphabetical order). All my best."

~ Seth Andrews

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 It is my hope that this video will answer religious claims that a secular life is meaningless and void


You'd better give up, Joan. Nothing wrong with the video - I enjoyed it very much - and it's a good answer to the religious claims, but religious persons need us to be wrong to prove their own ´right´. So they'll never accept our reasoning.

I don't bother with this question any more because it makes no sense. It's a profound as asking, "Can you have a meaningful life without Tinkerbelle?" and expecting to be taken seriously.

There is a malfunction in the Reply section ... it will not accept my reply. Here is attempt #3. 

I agree totally that asking what happens after life is a useless, pointless, irrelevant, vain, impotent question on the order of asking what is the meaning of life if Tinkerbelle does not exist. 

The intent of this piece is to declare that life is precious, all too short, fragile and full of wonder. It encourages people to stop thinking in terms of after death and start living in the here and now. It also stressed feelings of gratitude for having been born at all and able to participate in life, even if for such a short period of time. 

The more I see of Seth Andrews' handiwork, the more I'm convinced that he only brings his "A" game to the production of such videos as the one above.  It also showcases the thoughtfulness of many of the YouTube atheists I most admire.

And no, it won't move any of the true believers, and I wouldn't expect it to.  It MIGHT help with those who have doubts, those who are looking for a genuine answer and not just some pat verse from an outdated holy book ... and that, I suspect, is at least one reason why Seth is making these in the first place.




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