ALEC's trying hard to destroy the future.

Renewable Energy Standards Target of Multi-Pronged Attack

Over the past few years, a rising tide of legislation has sought to repeal or weaken renewable portfolio standards (RPS), which require a certain share of a state's electricity supply to come from sources like solar and wind. Lesser known are the few lawsuits filed to challenge the constitutionality of these laws.

Forty bills and two major court cases are alive that would repeal RPS targets fully or partially, as public support for renewables grows.

Pro-Republican groups are the main force behind the anti-renewable bills, for a mix of ideological and business reasons. The biggest push is coming from the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) ...

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That graphic shows succinctly what ALEC is all about!

Calling solar and wind power "the future" is a huge leap, considering their severe problems as large-scale energy sources. 

And, most people would not appreciate being told they have to buy some of their electricity from very expensive sources.   That only seems justifiable to people who do have that faith that solar and wind will eventually be competitive as large-scale energy sources. 


Do you see the problems of solar and wind power as severe enough to preclude their use as large-scale energy sources?

Are you invested in or otherwise committed to carbon or nuclear energy sources?

My reason for asking?

For most goods and services, an exclusive focus on the short term works well.

Not so for energy, when in the short term we see only carbon and nuclear sources.

Because each of us lives only in the short term, our only reason for considering the long term is our offspring.

In our l-o-n-g climb from our cyanobacteria origins (3 or 4 billion years), we've overcome a lot of obstacles.

Sociopath-owned or gambling-addict-owned corporations are another such obstacle, especially when they use their profits (from sales to us) to buy and rent lawmakers.

Mark Fiore  on ALEC in this video.




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