Americans' Belief in God, Miracles and Heaven Declines   Belief in Darwin's theory of evolution rises. 

The Harris Poll® of 2,250 adults surveyed online by Harris Interactive and reported December 16, 2013 finds 

while majorities of U.S. adults  between November 13 and 18, 2013 believe in: 

God (74%, down from 82%,  2005, 2007 and 2009.),   

miracles (72%, down from 79% in 2005),

heaven (68%, down from 75%),

Jesus is God or the Son of God (68%, down from 72%),

resurrection of Jesus Christ (65%, down from 70%),

survival of the soul after death (64%, down from 69%),

devil, hell (both at 58%, down from 62%), 

Virgin birth (57%, down from 60%),

Darwin's theory of evolution (47%, up from 42% 2005), 

ghosts (42%),  

creationism (36%), 

UFOs (42%),   

astrology (29%), 

witches (26%), 

reincarnation - that they were once another person ( 24%).

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We're getting there ... slow but sure, we're getting there.

I suspect that as more individuals are willing and able to express themselves, thinking differently than traditional religious dogma, more will self-report non-belief. As progress in brain studies and neuroscience occurs, thinking people will reject superstitions. Especially, as individuals learn of the nature of Stone Age belief systems codified into holy scripture during the Bronze Age, they will think in terms of science instead of doctrinal protocols. Faith and belief are pretty shabby reasons for action, especially when fear of hell and reward of heaven become replaced by critical thinking. 

Ask "Do you really think XXXX is true?" What is your rationale? 

Your last sounds an awful lot like Peter Boghossian's approach.  I have his book on order and am very intrigued to get a deeper look into his thinking and strategy.

Have you tried Kendle or iBooks. A great way to get a book and copy from its contents. Plagerism is far too easy these days. 


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