An End to Arrogant Atheism

Oh please! When will people stop using this sad attempt to quiet those who have been put down, manipulated, discounted, mutilated, trivialized and demonized by religious and then told to "be nice, be polite, don't make a fuss, act like a lady, be sweet".

Well, I say F&*K you! 

Controlling those who cried out may have worked in the days of girdles and slave auctions, but not in these times. When did a "Please don't hit me" or "Kindly master, don't sell off my baby" work? It was when women and slaves said "NO" that changes began to happen. Sure, a few of us took our licks when we refused to be quiet against brutality, but how many generations have women been sweet, men been "trimmed" and blacks been enslaved and nothing changed. 

I wonder how many time in the 1,000 years of binding Chinese girls feet, did a tiny girl cry out in horrific pain, "Please stop" before it stopped?

Or how many little girls said, "Mama, don't" as mothers hacked away their daughters' clitorises with broken pieces of glass before it will end?

Or how many little boys screamed out in terror and pain as rabbis chewed the foreskin off their penises before that practice will end?

Or how many little boys and girls will be raped  by trusted parents or religious as they cry out before it will stop? 

Perhaps those who would silence the little girls and boys, mothers and fathers, women and men who cry out in pain will not be heard by loved ones or religious despots. It is people who label those who speak out in resistance as "arrogant" that are the problem. They are not part of the solution. 

Stop pointing fingers at those who are in pain and start looking at those who cause the pain. 

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