"Not Fooled by Randomness book review  by Michael Shermer

"The failure to respond appropriately to randomness and chance shock events has meant the downfall of civilizations, economies, markets, and corporations. Thus, Antifragile also offers solutions on how to avoid the pitfalls of Black Swan events, prosper from uncertainty, and build antifragility into your life (or company or economy or society—this is a big picture book)."

Some people were surprised by the 2007 bubbles beginning to break but there were a few who saw them coming, described what would happen, why, and how to prepare for the certainty of a crash. 

Nassim Nicholas Taleb was one who could see the inevitable. He expected it to happen earlier, and when it didn't, some other economists pooh-poohed his warnings. Well, Taleb is a man they now listen to.


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