As Washington Fiddles over the Fiscal Cliff, the Real Battle Over Inequality Is Happening in the Heartland

As Washington Fiddles over the Fiscal Cliff, the Real Battle Over I...

"the central debate of our time should be — why median wages continue to drop and poverty to increase at the same time income and wealth are becoming ever more concentrated at the top, and what should be done to counter the trend."

"As money concentrates at the top, so does power. That concentrated power generates even more entrenched wealth at the top, and less for the middle class and the poor."

"And as the super-rich have grown even wealthier, they’ve been able to extend their power through the Supreme Court and the Republican Party – advancing a war on the middle class."

"They’ve taken on our tax system, successfully raising taxes on the middle class and the poor (Social Security payroll taxes, sales taxes, and user fees) while reducing their own top marginal tax rates. They’ve taken on public spending — cutting government workers and programs the poor and middle class depend on (teachers and school budgets, social workers and family support services, job training and unemployment insurance, to name only a few.)"

"The result has been a degree of inequality this nation hasn’t witnessed since the days of the robber barons of the late nineteenth century – an inequality that’s harming our economy as much as it’s undermining our democracy."

~ Robert Reich 

USA workers continue to increase productivity even as wages remain flat. 

No outrage? No picketing? No boycotting? No striking? We just work and work and buy and buy and can't figure out why we don't get ahead. Bank grow too big to fail, then too big to prosecute for crimes. 

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