Atheists seem to understand how to identify problems based on evidence, create ideas to overcome challenges ...

There is another compounding variable taking place here that explains the conflicts and confusion, often expressed by people who believe in myths, vote their beliefs, end up with lousy government and wonder why? The issue of free will is a symptom of a much deeper problem. If one believes individuals have free will and make decisions based on sound judgment, they simply are wrong. Fear based on disinformation and delusion gets us no where. 

Atheists seem to have a clue about identifying problems based on evidence, creating ideas and processes to overcome challenges, explore and experiment with different things and then observe outcomes. That is how USA put a man on the moon and brought him home safely. 

Gregg Palast, a muckraker of notorious repute, tells a story about how we got into this economic/political mess. It doesn't involve religion, however it does involve what happens when misinformed citizens make choices based on propaganda. Many people do not want to consider his story, valuing loyalty and faithfulness as a higher value than critical thinking. 

Atheists need to speak their truth to power. By remaining silent, atheists become part of the problem. What have we got to lose by being informed and telling the story of cronyism, corruption, and crime? What do we gain if we speak out? 

I have no idea if the voting public members have free will; perhaps fear and disinformation clouds their thinking. In any event, here is the article and the theme I followed since Obama's first inauguration day when he named all neocons to his financial team. 

Larry Summers: Goldman Sacked   Published Monday, 16 September 2013

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