Greenpeace explains the threat of new Australian mega coal mines.

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thanks for the video

Thanks for posting Ruth, as someone who lives in Australia I can say a lot of the statistics in the video are very accurate.

Clive Palmer in particular is like an old time robber baron, he would be a perfect fit for 19th century USA his tactics usually involve buying off politicians, the media, or anyone else who gets in his way.

Gina Rhinehart is the daughter of Lang Hancock who discovered huge deposits of iron ore in the remote north west of Australia decades ago, he was also involved in asbestos mining.

She's very laissez-faire constantly moaning about regulation, she recently tried to take over Fairfax media in Australia because they were a thorn in her side. Her approach to coal mining is very reminiscent of whats happening in West Virginia with the mountain top removal method which completely destroys communities and the environment.


It's always good to have internet stuff verified by someone who actually lives in that area. Thanks, John.

Here's what Lyn Parramore says of Gina Rhinehart.

The world’s richest woman, Australian tycoon  Gina Rinehart , is just now poised to blow past the likes of Bill Gates with her multi-billion-dollar mining fortune. She expresses her contempt for humanity by insulting working people as "whineging," calling for $2-a-day labor and denying climate change.

Are You Ready for the Post-Masculine World?

The new mega mines would push us toward a 6 degree C rise.

Australian 'mega mine' plan threatens global emissions target

Greenpeace said that the nine mines' production capacity of 330m tonnes of coal a year for export would represent an "unprecedented" increase in the scale of coal mining in Australia.

... the mines will only be able to launch and operate at capacity if global appetite for coal continues to grow strongly.

Greenpeace warns that a growth in coal-fired emissions represented by the nine Queensland mines would be in line with the International Energy Agency's model of a "catastrophic" 6C rise in temperatures. [emphasis mine]

image from Wandoan coal mine legal challenge

Note that Friends of the Earth Australia is soliciting donations for their legal challenge to the first mega mine. "The Wandoan coal mine in Queensland is the first of the new mega mines to be developed in Australia. This mine will be the largest coal mine in the southern hemisphere."


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