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The debate gets to the heart of why some people refute religion and turn, instead, to some other form of world view. Many of us have read the bible, listened to sermons and lessons and choose atheism. I find it very fulfilling, it provides ideas that affirm my instincts as it honors my critical thinking. I have not only meaning for my life and also purpose for my being, my morals come from inside me as part of being born to the Homo sapiens species.

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Debates like these generally boil down to a single element:

The bible says it happened, so it must have happened.

Oh, but the bible talks about hundreds of witnesses seeing Haysus after the cruci-fiction and his body couldn't have been stolen 'cuz the guards would have seen it and so on and so on until you could get dizzy from the circular reasoning.

What you have here are a number of CLAIMS:

  • Jesus walked on water
  • Jesus healed the sick
  • Jesus rose from the dead
  • Et cetera ad nauseum

What it lacks is any form of corroboration, second source, ANY semblance of independent verification of the claims made.  Apparently, we're supposed to take these claims at face value because the bible isn't just another book but a SPECIAL book, and being that it's SPECIAL, we're supposed to accept it without question.

Next issue: buying pigs in pokes.

of course jesus walked on water, loren, we all do when there's a heat mirage low on the ground.

Great responses Loren and Chris.




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