Bart Ehrman vs Craig Evans Whole Debate on "Does the New Testament ...

Are there any historical errors in any of the gospels?

How does Evans decide what is an error?

If not, how does Evans explain the errors, knowing full well as a historian, there are always errors?

Are the Gospels completely reliable?

Ehrman, as a historian, knows there are reliable and unreliable sources; he names a few. He selects those questions, as I did as I read the bible, cover to cover. The more I thought, the more I questioned, until the day came when I, too, knew religion had lied, distorted, exaggerated, discounted and dominated out of a need for control and power, whether the lonely minister at the podium in a small country church or as the popes and potentates who declared their "god given right of the sovereign", they fall prey to ego-building thinking. Once passing that hurdle, the quest began for a cosmic perception of life and my role in it.

I exist for a very few years in a universe so huge and filled with wonder I ask myself why people continue to submit to the Dominator Society as 'The Chalice and the Blade Our History, Our Future' by Riane Eisler posited.  We, you and I, exist as part of 'The Web of Life: A New Scientific Understanding of Living Systems' by Fritjof Capra.

Our purpose comes from inside us and because we are social creatures, we want to live in and among others. In order to do that we have to learn certain attitudes and behaviors that make that possible. These codes of conduct are learned. Some exist as enablers and others as empowerment in community. No one person makes a utility (water, electricity, sewer), or an automobile. It takes a team of people with common desires and needs to create, maintain and perpetuate the energies of individuals and team. 

Our society, as it is now, is on the wrong track. This rampant, uncaring, and irresponsible materialism and capitalism vs. raging unthinking religious fundamentalism exist because of individuals who caught the virus of materialism and religious fundamentalism and vote in other individuals with agendas not in the interest of our culture as a whole. Self-interest, greed, and propaganda scares people into letting others think for them, and they acquiesce to tyrants. 

I hate conspiracy thinking, but there exists a thinking system that acts like a virus, infecting hard working, dependable, reliable, honest, and caring individuals into thinking like zombies following misguided ideas. Our institutions of family, education, work, health care, child care, elder care and waring mentality all suffer because of faulty thinking. They value obedience and submission instead of critical thinking and action. 

The good news is, critical thinking is a tool that is learned. It tends to put controls on group-think, it looks at reality without illusions and seeks effective and efficient processes. It builds teams. 

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