Michael Moore does a dreadful thing in this piece, he reveals a photo of 14 year old Emmett Till beaten to death in 1955. He tells of the police of Selma, Alabama, brutally beating, hosing and tear-gassing a group of African Americans for simply trying to cross a bridge during a protest march in March of 1965. He shows photos of some of the 500 civilians U.S. soldiers massacred at My Lai in Vietnam in March, 1968. He describes what happened to the flesh and bone of little children massacred at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut.

Don't talk about these murders! Don't show photos! It isn't polite and it hurts the families to see their slaughtered loved ones or see what USA soldiers did to children in Viet nam. Don't discuss moral or ethical issues. We might embarrass our citizens if they knew what one of our own is capable of doing. Blindness! Deafness! Silence! If we do not see or hear or speak, those awful things didn't happen!

NO! NO! NO! Look at the truth, hear the cries of those hurting, speak out against violence, lies, delusions and denial. Healing cannot begin until we do.

America, You Must Not Look Away (How to Finish Off the NRA)

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Tom Sarbeck

With too little empathy I'm sociopathic.

With too much empathy I'm having an extremely overly-sensitive conscience.

Thanks, Joan.

I was looking for something a little snappier than "With too much empathy I'm wanting to scold my parents for not using birth control."

I considered "...I'm wanting the sun to hurry up and explode" but felt obligated to ask others for their consent.

Tom, I am really sorry to confess I don't have a funny bone or a little snapper. "Just the facts, Mam!" When I adventure out into the funny realm, I fall flat on my face in failure. (alliteration attempt to amuse!) 

I'm with you, Joan.  There are times when I have a truly piss-poor sense of humor, and when levity is a complete non-starter with me.  I will admit to taking some things entirely too seriously and taking what people say at face value inappropriately. 

Maybe they thought what they said was clever and pithy and witty.  I didn't.

Don't be sorry, Joan; I wasn't intending humor.

You didn't know my parents. Stuff had been done to their German ancestors that shouldn't have been done and they remained silent. They shouldn't have had children and it's why I had none. Happily, I married a woman who also wanted none.

As for adventuring into the funny realm, I've fallen flat often enough to tell people, "Don't look to me for humor."


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