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They voted for trump because they are stupid.

His lies were obvious all during the campaign. We thought there's no way an idiotic lying buffoon like that will win the election. But we underestimated the power of stupid people in large numbers

Pretty much, Jotham.  People got snookered because they couldn't be bothered to look past the surface, presuming they looked at all.  The worst may be those who were taken in by the whole reality-show-star thing, which, based upon what I've heard about The Apprentice was largely manufactured to make Trump out to be larger than life ... which he isn't.

I've said it before: we have to get a LOT more serious about how our country is run and those we choose to run it, or we won't have a country, or at least not one that resembles what we have at the moment.

Jotham, Trump did lie, often, and many people believed his lies.

He was also fighting Establishment Repubs.

Do you know how many people wanted him to fight Establishment Repubs? Do you know their reason(s)?


That's one place Trump didn't lie. He has set out to destroy every establishment the government has.
What is their reason(s) for wanting to fight the establishments? Other than "I don't understand their regulations so it's an attack on me" attitude.




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