Another rotted capitalist icon. It seems Better Business Bureau ratings mean nothing these days.

Terror Group Gets 'A' Rating From Better Business Bureau?

The Better Business Bureau, one of the country's best known consumer watchdog groups, is being accused by business owners of running a "pay for play" scheme in which A plus ratings are awarded to those who pay membership fees, and F ratings used to punish those who don't.

To prove the point, a group of Los Angeles business owners paid $425 to the Better Business Bureau and were able to obtain an A minus grade for a non-existent company called Hamas, named after the Middle Eastern terror group.

... the BBB also awarded an A minus rating to a non-existent sushi restaurant in Santa Ana, California and an A plus to a skinhead, neo-Nazi web site called Stormfront.

Each listing cost $425.

"Right now, this rating system is really unworthy of consumer trust or confidence," said Connecticut attorney general Richard Blumenthal...

... an ABC News producer with a camera was present as two small business owners in Los Angeles were told by Better Business Bureau tele-marketers that their grades of C could be raised to A plus if they paid $395 membership fees.

Terri Hartman, the manager of a Los Angeles antique fixtures store, Liz's Antique Hardware, was told only a payment could change her grade, based on one old complaint that had already been resolved. [emphasis mine]

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I hope Canada's BBB is still trustworthy.

"Like" as in Angry"

Yes, I suspected this for some time and now there is evidence to back up the claim. The conclusion to which I regrettably come is that our system is corrupt to the core. One person and one group cannot make this reality known to the general public. Patriotism is a good thing when the government relies on fair and just policies and practices. Propaganda, with its lies, deludes the voters. 

Capitalism is bankrupt; it doesn't have to be, but it is. 

..."Like" as in "Angry"

Ditto! I often "Like" to show appreciation for Ruth's reporting and sharing facts I don't like at all!

On another musical note, Simon and Garfunkel had a perfectly relevant song for these lies: (video cued up to the appropriate bit)

How did you do that, cue video to appropriate bit?

I added start and end times, in seconds, to the URL inside the embed code:

Details are in "How to insert a video" in the group "How to Do It!"

Another important option you can choose from the YouTube page's "Embed Options": you can turn off "show suggested videos" for after the video finishes. This helps people avoid the intentionally addictive infotainment rabbit hole of "just one more" video or article or posting or response or tweet, and another, and another, which all too easily turns into an hour or two someone didn't intend to spend. (More at "Changed by the Attention Economy".)

The article also mentioned that the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Boston, which didn't pay to be a BBB member, received an "F" grade after just two complaints, and that Wolfgang Puck, who also refused to pay, said that some of his businesses received Fs as well.

Sounds like the BBB highers-up tolerating and encouraging the pay-for-play deserve to be under arrest! Musicians will appreciate that at least a detail of the mug design punnily gets it right:

BBB under a rest (detail from BBB mug in 'Start your day with trust' ad; torch top under the flames looks like a musical whole rest) 

"Pay to play" is our national motto. Whatever happened to e Pluribus Unum." "Out of many, one." 

It was replaced by "In God We Trust" in 1956 as a repudiation of those godless Commies.

Another motto strong in our national life, for better or worse, is the Golden Rule: "Whoever has the gold makes the rules."




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