Apparently for a while, now, Rachel Maddow has invited her listeners to send in information, documents or anything which might be significant data toward developing news stories.  Not that long ago, something crossed her desk from that source which raised more than a couple eyebrows at MSNBC, and thankfully for them, it also caused them to take more than the usual care in vetting and investigating those documents and their true nature.  That nature, if fully proven out, may be the single most disturbing and pernicious element to come out of the Trump administration since 20 January, 2017.

Please take the time to watch all of the following.  This story has implications not just for the news media or Donald Trump's presidency, but for the integrity of the United States itself ... and no, I don't think I'm overstating that in the slightest.  This is serious, and deserves to be treated as such.

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“Someone Is Sending ‘Carefully Forged’ Documents to Discredit Coverage of Russia Investigation”.

~ Maddow: 

Who sends forged documents? 

Why?: to discredit coverage of the investigation into Russian collusion with Trump's campaign team.”

Who benefits by discrediting investigation coverage?

Russia & Trump. 

If the investigation into Russian collusion with Trump’s campaign team, who is harmed?: 

Trump’s opposition for election, and the US population because of outside influence of Russia. 

Am I asking the right questions? 

Am I answering correctly?

I don't think you've missed one yet, Joan.  Now, let me ask one:

What happens if a crack investigative news team such as CBS News 60 Minutes picks up where Rachel Maddow left off and begins unearthing some alert dirt about the source of those bogus documents, who creates them And Who Ordered Their Creation?  Personally, I think someone over at that big house on Pennsylvania Avenue might be a touch pissed about it.

And here's the biggest irony of all: that those who bitch about "fake news" are generating their own bogus crap and try to splash the Fourth Estate with it.  Yet one more problem dear Donnie needs to watch his ass about.




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