The Alt-Right and the 1%

Most 1%ers are white men, and plenty are racist. This country's hard right turn is financed by Robert Mercer, Peter Thiel, and Daniel Loeb and others.

When President Trump equated white supremacists with anti-racism protesters, he was sending a message to the thugs in the streets and to some in executive suites

Racism has always permeated this country up and down the income scale. And in our era of extreme concentration of economic and political power, emboldening just a few men at the top can be tremendously dangerous.

Take, for example, three of the country’s highest-flying financiers: Robert Mercer, Peter Thiel, and Daniel Loeb.

Mercer, the Co-CEO of the $50 billion Renaissance Technologies hedge fund, is also one of three owners of Breitbart News, the outlet Trump strategist (and former Breitbart editor) Steve Bannon has described as a “platform for the alt-right.”

With Mercer’s financial support, Breitbart has become a significant media force.

 For years now, the site has helped build the base of support for last Saturday’s rampage by posting numerous articles defending symbols of the Confederacy such as the Robert E. Lee statue that was the focus of the Charlottesville rally.

Trump’s press conference performance helped legitimize Breitbart and its co-owner Mercer, who gave $15.5 million in support of the president’s election campaign, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.

Billionaire venture capitalist Peter Thiel is another close Trump ally who doesn’t seem to mind hobnobbing with the alt-right. 

Another Wall Street mega-billionaire, hedge fund tycoon Daniel Loeb, has been doing his part to normalize white supremacist rhetoric in 2017 America. 

... Zakiyah Ansari, of the Alliance for Quality Education, and Jonathan Westin, of New York Communities for Change ...“When racism is not met with an immediate rebuke, it is legitimized and seen as acceptable behavior, especially for white men who are wealthy and well connected,” ...

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