How many times have we hard someone complain about their lot in life, the overburdened father trying to support a family in bad economic time, a mother who wants a better life for herself and children, a worker who complains about poor management, a manager who criticizes lazy workers. These complains are invitations to create opportunity. Some people resort to prayer, with heartfelt tears of appeal. Some hope for miracles from some imagined force. For every effect there is a cause. Find the cause, change the means, a new end emerges. 

"The desire for miracles can run rampant in some quarters of our culture, particularly anywhere there is unrequited want without means. The idle mother who vainly wishes for something better for her kids (while doing nothing substantial to achieve such an end), the gambler who persists in feeding quarters into the one-armed bandit, figuring he is somehow owed his reward, the parents who have tried all alternatives for a cure for their stricken child, all these people at one time or another may abandon the sterile order of causation for the hope of irrational intervention.Anyone who wants a change in their life and either cannot or will not embrace the process necessary to effect such a change also may find themselves trapped in the belief that they are due some manner of divine intervention. In the grand scheme of things, I can’t help but notice that the vast majority of such desires go unfulfilled."

~ Loren Miller, Cause and Effect vs. Miracles, Atheist Nexus, December 8, 2009.

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Cause and Effect vs. Miracles by Loren Miller (text/speech)




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